Ross Otto Davis

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Our objectives were to examine interrater reliability for inclinometer and goniometric measurements of hip extension flexibility and the intra- and interrater reliability between instruments when measuring hip extension flexibility with the modified Thomas test. The modified Thomas test is frequently used by clinicians to assess hip extension flexibility.(More)
Several kinematic measures from computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA) instruments depend critically upon the computation of the spatially averaged path of a sperm's curvilinear swimming trajectory. Presently available instruments compute the average path by smoothing the curvilinear trajectory using a fixed-length running average. We demonstrate that this(More)
Thirty human semen specimens were analyzed using a standard manual method, then videotaped and reanalyzed using two different computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA) instruments (the HTM system, Hamilton-Thorn Research, Danvers, MA, and the CTS system, Motion Analysis Corp., Santa Rosa, CA). Videotaped specimens were analyzed by CASA for 5 frames for sperm(More)
Studies of sperm movement are relevant in the diagnosis of sperm function and in investigations of cellular biology. Such studies have been traditionally performed by analysing the kinematics of the flagellum or the head. Analysis of the flagellum can provide insights into the cell biological mechanisms responsible for the control of movement. However, the(More)
The heads of stallion spermatozoa were analysed by computer automated sperm head morphometry and the morphometric values of the major subpopulations of sperm heads were assessed. The criteria for normal dimensions of stallion sperm heads are proposed based on the analysis of these measurements. Semen samples were collected from 10 fertile and 10 subfertile(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently suggested new morphometric dimensions for normal sperm heads and new sperm head classification rules. These specifications differ from previous WHO methods and from the Kruger method for strict morphology assessment. We analyzed the WHO and Kruger sperm classification rules to determine their appropriateness as(More)
The active undulations of a sperm flagellum are a basic expression of cell vitality. They reflect a number of intracellular processes, and also reveal the interaction between the sperm and its environment. The pattern of sperm-head motion during locomotion is a hydrodynamic consequence of the behavior of the flagellum. Hence, studies of sperm-head motion(More)
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