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PURPOSE OF REVIEW To review the various imaging modalities in the evaluation of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to determine disease location, clinical phenotype and the severity of disease in order to optimize treatment. RECENT FINDINGS Assessment of the extent, location and severity of IBD routinely involves imaging of the gastrointestinal(More)
The validity of self-reported intoxication at time of spinal cord injury (SCI) was examined for 88 cases at admission to an acute SCI center by comparing self-reports with serum and urine analyses. Serum ethanol greater than 50 mg/dl was the most frequently found substance (observed in 40% of the cases) followed by urine analysis evidence of cocaine (14%),(More)
Over the past decade, it has become increasingly evident that there are extensive bidirectional interactions between the body and its microbiota. These interactions are evident during stressful periods, where it is recognized that commensal microbiota community structure is significantly changed. Many different stressors, ranging from early life stressors(More)
Humans have coevolved over time to not only tolerate but also rely on trillions of microbes that aid in the development of our immune system, provide nutrients, break down potentially noxious substances, and act as a barrier against potentially pathogenic organisms. These microbes, collectively known as the microbiota, live in relatively stable communities(More)
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