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Ultrasonic guided wave imaging via sparse reconstruction
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Block-sparse reconstruction and imaging for lamb wave structural health monitoring
A frequently investigated paradigm for monitoring the integrity of plate-like structures is a spatially-distributed array of piezoelectric transducers, with each array element capable of bothExpand
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Guided wave localization of damage via sparse reconstruction
Ultrasonic guided waves are frequently applied for structural health monitoring and nondestructive evaluation of plate-like metallic and composite structures. Spatially distributed arrays of fixedExpand
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Guided ultrasonic waves are frequently used for both structural health monitoring and nondestructive testing of metallic plate‐like structures. Signals resulting from waves generated by one or moreExpand
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Acquisition and analysis of angle-beam wavefield data
Angle-beam ultrasonic testing is a common practical technique used for nondestructive evaluation to detect, locate, and characterize a variety of material defects and damage. Greater understanding ofExpand
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Block-sparse Lamb wave structural health monitoring using generic scattering models
A well-known damage detection paradigm is the use of ultrasonic guided waves that are generated and recorded by a spatially-distributed array of piezoelectric transducers. This type of configurationExpand
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Incorporating expected sparsity of damage into ultrasonic guided wave imaging algorithms
Many imaging methods employing ultrasonic guided waves are based upon delay-and-sum algorithms whereby echoes scattered from sites of damage are constructively reinforced after signal addition.Expand