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Tragic Fanaticism: Milton’s Motions
Allegorical Fanaticism: Spenser’s Organs
Lyric Fanaticism: Donne’s Annihilation
Readerly Fanaticism: Hobbes’s Outworks
Allegories of Fanaticism
Dominant perceptions of religious fanaticism today tend to be as polemical and reductive as they were in the Reformation. Contemporary scholars share with early modern philosophers and theologians aExpand
Weak Milton
This article claims that in “On Shakespear” and “Lycidas” Milton considers weakness as the aesthetic and ethical foundation for his poetic vocation. After losing his sight, Milton identified with St.Expand
Donne’s Annihilation
“Doubly Resounded”: Narcissus and Echo in Petrarch, Donne, and Wroth
This essay demonstrates how Petrarch’s Augustinian meditation on poetry’s capacity to scatter or recollect a self leaves a significant and understudied impression on two instances of later PetrarchanExpand
History is What Hurts
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