Ross Kuhner

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A series of biodistribution studies were conducted with the radiotracer, [(18)F]N-(4'-fluorobenzyl)-4-(3-bromophenyl)acetamide, [(18)F]1 in nude mice bearing tumor xenografts of the mouse mammary adenocarcinoma, line 66. This radiotracer has a high affinity for both sigma(1) and sigma(2) receptors. In vivo studies were also conducted in order to assess the(More)
A series of brain uptake studies and PET imaging studies were conducted with the sigma(1) selective imaging agent, [(18)F]FBFPA. The results of the study indicate that this radiotracer readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and labels sigma(1) receptors in vivo. In vivo blocking studies with a sigma(1) selective ligand and a nonselective sigma(1)/sigma(2)(More)
A series of N-(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)phenylacetamide derivatives was synthesized and evaluated for affinity at sigma1 and sigma2 receptors. Most of these compounds showed a high affinity for sigma1 receptors and a low to moderate affinity for sigma2 receptors. The unsubstituted compound N-(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)phenylacetamide, 1, displayed a high(More)
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