Ross Kessel

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A hypothetical case is presented involving the problem of obtaining informed consent for participation in a study of the distribution of a tapeworm disease in a North African country. Ekunkwe, from the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos, describes how the experiment is likely to be misperceived by potential participants. Given that the(More)
Shotcrete techniques under compressed air are increasingly applied in the construction of tunnels. Up to now little is known about the influence of shotcrete dusts on the function of the lung. The lung function of 30 miners working with shotcrete under compressed air (before and after one shift) was measured. They carried personal air samplers to assess the(More)
Lung function parameters (measured with a body plethysmograph) and subjective votes on irritations of eyes or airways were taken from subjects belonging to four assumed ozone risk groups and one control group (40 subjects each: senior citizens, juvenile asthmatics, forestry workers, athletes, and clerks). Every subject was examined on 8 days both in the(More)
Pituitary gonadotrophin regulation was examined with the LH-RH test in 15 men (aged between 55 and 90 years), five of them aged between 71 and 90 years. Compared to normal mature males, the plasma testosterone in these subjects was reduced or was in the lower range of normal, while basal LH levels were increased in half the cases. However, basal FSH values(More)