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Medication calculation errors occur in all settings and can cause serious disruption in treatment protocols. This experimental study used a pretest-posttest, control group design. Sixty-seven RNs from three healthcare agencies completed all phases of the study. All nurses completed a 20-item medication calculation test, used both as the pretest and the(More)
A convenience sample of 110 registered nurses in four western states completed a demographic questionnaire and a 20-item medication calculation test to investigate errors in medication calculation that contribute to medication error rates. Intravenous questions were most difficult, then oral, then intramuscular/subcutaneous items. Nurses erred more when(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is a significant health problem among today's youth; however, most school-based prevention programs in this area have had limited success. Focus groups were conducted with seventh- to eighth-grade students, parents, and teachers to provide insight into the development of a comprehensive program for the prevention of adolescent obesity:(More)
Since 1979, over 700 junior level baccalaureate nursing students at the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education (ICNE) in Spokane, Washington, have had their basic mathematical skills tested, using a teacher constructed examination. The "Mathematics Proficiency Exam" utilized evaluates the nursing student's ability to add, subtract, multiply, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between implementation of rapid response teams and improved mortality rate using a large, uniform dataset from one state in the United States. DESIGN This observational cohort study included 471,062 adult patients hospitalized between 2001 and 2009. SETTING Ten acute tertiary care hospitals in Washington State. (More)
BACKGROUND Research indicates that vitamin D supplementation may decrease depressive symptoms during the winter months. METHOD In this study, nine women with serum vitamin D levels <40 ng/ml were administered the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)-II. After vitamin D3 supplementation, six of these women completed the BDI-II and had their serum vitamin D(More)
The mandate for interdisciplinary health research is clear, but barriers persist and researchers are unprepared for collaborative roles. This article explores strengths/challenges/facilitative approaches for interdisciplinary research. Teen Eating and Activity Mentoring in Schools, an example of interdisciplinary research, uses comprehensive communication(More)