Ross Hemsley

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Seventy-eight children, referred to a diet clinic because of hyperactive behaviour, were placed on a 'few foods' elimination diet. Fifty nine improved in behaviour during this open trial. For 19 of these children it was possible to disguise foods or additives, or both, that reliably provoked behavioural problems by mixing them with other tolerated foods and(More)
The study aimed to examine the influence of initial mode of assessment on attendance, and later assessment and treatment. 100 children newly referred to a child mental health service were randomly assigned to (i) initial family assessment; child and family seen together, or (ii) individual assessment, child and parents seen in parallel. Those invited were(More)
The relations of dimensions of self-concept of adolescents with their academic level, ethnicity, and gender were investigated. A self-concept inventory assessing 11 aspects of self-concept was administered to a sample of 1,140 eight-grade students stratified with regard to academic level (regular class, educationally marginal, learning handicapped),(More)
As neutrons pass through a magnetic field, their spin precesses. We seek to simulate this precession within the neutron tracing package McStas. Presented here are the methods and implementation details used to get arbitrary magnetic field data values when only a finite number of points are known.
Planar graph navigation is an important problem with significant implications to both point location in geometric data structures and routing in networks. However, whilst a number of algorithms and existence proofs have been proposed, very little analysis is available for the properties of the paths generated and the computational resources required to(More)
Walking strategies are a standard tool for point location in a triangulation of size n. Although often claimed to be Θ(√ n) under random distribution hypotheses, this conjecture has only been formally proved by Devroye, Lemaire, and Moreau [Comp Geom–Theor Appl, vol. 29, 2004], in the case of the so called straight walk which has the very specific property(More)