Ross D Markello

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Oxytocin, 5 to 10 units, is frequently given as a bolus injection following term delivery or elective termination of pregnancy. It is not general knowledge that this has any untoward effects. In the present study in young, healthy women undergoing elective termination of pregnancy, mean arterial blood pressure decreased approximately 30% and the total(More)
In mammals, many sperm that reach the oviduct are held in a reservoir by binding to epithelium. To leave the reservoir, sperm detach from the epithelium; however, they may bind and detach again as they ascend into the ampulla toward oocytes. In order to elucidate the nature of binding interactions along the oviduct, we compared the effects of bursts of(More)
Several minutes of 100 percent O2 breathing prior to inhalation induction with 79 percent N23 results in consistently higher PaO2 values during the first 10 minutes compared with prior air breathing. The theoretic maximum concentrating action of N2O uptake upon O2 is approximately the same (60 torr) regardless of gas breathed before induction.