Ross Christopher Elliott

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Cricopharyngeal achalasia is a rare cause of dysphagia in the dog. However it must be differentiated from other causes of dysphagia as it is treatable with surgery. It is a disruption of the cricopharyngeal phase of the oropharyngeal phase of deglutition. There appears to be an incoordination in the swallowing process between the relaxation of the rostral,(More)
Previous reports have described a distinctive pattern of phosphorus excretion (after rapid calcium infusion) in sarcoidosis. The author performed similar studies on eight patients with sarcoidosis and five patients with other pathologic processes. A "sarcoid pattern* was noted in only one patient with sarcoidosis and in two patients with tuberculosis. It(More)
An elderly woman had dyspnea, a thyroid mass and multiple lung nodules on chest radiographs. She developed hypereosinophilia over a three-month period in which multiple diagnostic procedures were performed, without definition of the disease process. At post-mortem examination, the primary lesion was found to be a poorly differentiated carcinoma of the(More)
Two new cases of atypical mycobacterium infections of the deep structures are reported. With two reported previously by the authors and a review of 24 others recorded by others, the symptoms and signs are reviewed. Typically it occurs in the middle-aged person, some of whom give a history of a puncture wound within 6 weeks of onset of symptoms. Synovium in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate changes in body position and effect of CO2 insufflation on the hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal systems using computed tomography (CT) to determine optimal laparoscopic approach. STUDY DESIGN Experimental study. ANIMALS Healthy intact female Beagles (n = 6) of similar age, weight, and body condition score. METHODS Urinalysis,(More)