Ross C. Wilson

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BACKGROUND Patient recall or the application of population norms are commonly used methods to estimate (unobservable) health status prior to acute-onset illness or injury; however, both measures are potentially subject to bias. This article reports tests of the validity of both approaches, and discusses the implications for reporting changes in(More)
RNase P is a highly conserved ribonucleoprotein enzyme that represents a model complex for understanding macromolecular RNA-protein interactions. Archaeal RNase P consists of one RNA and up to five proteins (Pop5, RPP30, RPP21, RPP29, and RPP38/L7Ae). Four of these proteins function in pairs (Pop5-RPP30 and RPP21-RPP29). We have used nuclear magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND A near-universal finding internationally is that patient valuations of their own health, represented using the EQ-5D system, are mostly higher than general population valuations of the same EQ-5D states. This paper investigates whether this result also applies to New Zealand. Despite the EQ-5D's widespread use for cost-utility analysis in New(More)
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