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Cellobiohydrolases are the most effective single component of fungal cellulase systems; however, their molecular mode of action on cellulose is not well understood. These enzymes act to detach and hydrolyze cellodextrin chains from crystalline cellulose in a processive manner, and the carbohydrate-binding module (CBM) is thought to play an important role in(More)
We present an implementation of explicit solvent all atom classical molecular dynamics (MD) within the AMBER program package that runs entirely on CUDA-enabled GPUs. First released publicly in April 2010 as part of version 11 of the AMBER MD package and further improved and optimized over the last two years, this implementation supports the three most(More)
Keywords: Molecular dynamics Graphic processing unit Accelerator Precision model SPSP SPDP DPDP SPFP a b s t r a c t A new precision model is proposed for the acceleration of all-atom classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on graphics processing units (GPUs). This precision model replaces double precision arithmetic with fixed point integer(More)
Version 9 of the Amber simulation programs includes a new semi-empirical hybrid QM/MM functionality. This includes support for implicit solvent (generalized Born) and for periodic explicit solvent simulations using a newly developed QM/MM implementation of the particle mesh Ewald (PME) method. The code provides sufficiently accurate gradients to run(More)
We present an implementation of generalized Born implicit solvent all-atom classical molecular dynamics (MD) within the AMBER program package that runs entirely on CUDA enabled NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). We discuss the algorithms that are used to exploit the processing power of the GPUs and show the performance that can be achieved in(More)
The recently discovered 150-cavity in the active site of group-1 influenza A neuraminidase (NA) proteins provides a target for rational structure-based drug development to counter the increasing frequency of antiviral resistance in influenza. Surprisingly, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic virus (09N1) neuraminidase was crystalized without the 150-cavity(More)
In this work, we critically assess the ability of the all-atom enhanced sampling method accelerated molecular dynamics (aMD) to investigate conformational changes in proteins that typically occur on the millisecond time scale. We combine aMD with the inherent power of graphics processor units (GPUs) and apply the implementation to the bovine pancreatic(More)
Accurate simulation of complex lipid bilayers has long been a goal in condensed phase molecular dynamics (MD). Structure and function of membrane-bound proteins are highly dependent on the lipid bilayer environment and are challenging to study through experimental methods. Within Amber, there has been limited focus on lipid simulations, although some(More)
The AMBER lipid force field has been updated to create Lipid14, allowing tensionless simulation of a number of lipid types with the AMBER MD package. The modular nature of this force field allows numerous combinations of head and tail groups to create different lipid types, enabling the easy insertion of new lipid species. The Lennard-Jones and torsion(More)