Ross C. Taylor

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(1) Response patterns of interneuron populations in the antennal neuropile of the crayfish have been investigated by extracellular recordings made with a single electrode. Mechanical stimuli of the antennae are divided into submodalities and topographically represented. The submodalities include large movements of the entire antenna, directional aspects of(More)
(1) Mechanoreceptors in the crayfish antennae are divided into four functional categories: vibration (13%), bidirectional displacement (19%), unidirectional displacement (45%), and position (23%) receptors. The distribution of receptors along the length of the flagellum follows a logarithmic progression, decreasing from about 40% at the base to less than 5%(More)
The maxillofacial prosthodontist has the dilemma of obtaining jaw relation records with structures that have been altered anatomically and/or physiologically. In the maxillae, problems associated with stability of the recording base require the prosthodontist to equalize pressure as best he can in obtaining jaw records. The maxillofacial prosthodontist is(More)
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