Ross C. McPhedran

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We study wave propagation in mixed, 1D disordered stacks of alternating right- and left-handed layers and reveal that the introduction of metamaterials substantially suppresses Anderson localization. At long wavelengths, the localization length in mixed stacks is orders of magnitude larger than for normal structures, proportional to the sixth power of the(More)
The successful fabrication and experimental verification of a novel metamaterial based on flexible metallic helices is reported. The helices undergo compression under the influence of incident radiation, demonstrating a nonlinear chiral electromagnetic response, associated with the power-dependent change in the helix pitch. This design is promising for(More)
We investigate the modes of double heterostructure cavities where the underlying photonic crystal waveguide has been dispersion engineered to have two band-edges inside the Brillouin zone. By deriving and using a perturbative method, we show that these structures possess two modes. For unapodized cavities, the relative detuning of the two modes can be(More)
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