Ross Broadfoot

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This paper discusses the framework of an expert advisory system designed to provide expert knowledge in the control and management of a sugar mill crystallization stage. The Smart Supervisory Control System (SSCS) is fundamentally a hybrid fuzzy logic based expert system that incorporates fuzzy logic, explanatory capabilities and dynamic interrelational(More)
This paper describes the critical features for information sharing and exchange between industrial pan stage process models within a knowledge based supervisory support system (KBSSS), for pan stage operations in a sugar mill. The innovation outlined underpins the integration of the industrial process models working cooperatively with a blackboard system to(More)
AIM The purpose of this paper is to share information derived from the Glasgow Quality Practice Initiative with general dental practice teams, Dental Practice Advisers and others involved in quality improvement. METHOD A sample of 16 general dental practices was selected from volunteers to receive assistance in working towards a Quality Practice Award.(More)
The condition of the filtering screens used for separating sugar crystals and molasses in continuous centrifugals has a major influence on sugar losses, separating efficiency and throughput. Several methods, which characterize screen quality in terms of the slot width, uniformity, per cent open area and the resistance to fluid flow have been assessed by(More)
This paper describes a deployment proposal and functional characteristics of a knowledge based supervisory support system (KBSSS) to provide expert knowledge in the control and management of the pan stage within a sugar mill. This decision support system utilises fragmented and diverse sources of information and unifies these into a cohesive structure to(More)
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