Ross Brennan

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Competitive success in business-to-business markets often depends upon the ability of the firm to adapt specifically to the needs of a single customer organization. Research into buyer-seller relationships in industrial markets has shown that both buying and selling firms implement specific adaptations for a single partner. Adaptation can take place at the(More)
It is a characteristic of the IMP approach to studying business markets that the emphasis is placed upon rich description and efforts to understand the underlying processes behind interaction between organizations in networks, rather than on the formulation of managerial checklists and decision rules. For this reason, while IMP scholars have made some(More)
Current scalable high-performance graphics systems are either constructed using special purpose graphics acceleration hardware or built as a cluster of commodity components with a software infrastructure that exploits multiple graphics cards [Humphreys et al. 2002]. Both these solutions are used in application domains where computational demand cannot be(More)
While the tools of social media are ubiquitous in contemporary consumer marketing, there is little evidence about the extent to which they have been adopted by business-to-business marketers. Although experts argue that B2B firms can and should use platforms such as FaceBook and YouTube, almost all of the popular examples used in mainstream seminars,(More)
This study investigates the impact of cultural values on trust in the corporate banking industry in the United Arab Emirates. A substantial literature exists concerning trust in inter-firm relationships, and considerable research has been conducted into trust in the banking industry. However, uniquely, this study focuses on trust in business-to-business(More)
A field experiment on an acidic lateritic ironstone gravel sand in south-western Australia compared how Lupinus luteus L. cv. Wodjil and L. angustifolius L. cv. Kalya used different sources of fertilizer phosphorus (P) to produce shoots and seed (grain). The sources of P were triple superphosphate, highly reactive North Carolina apatite phosphate rock and(More)
The premise of this paper is that the systematic comparison of the markets-as-networks research tradition with cognate research traditions in the social and management sciences will bring about a fruitful cross-fertilisation of ideas, potentially resulting in the creation of an enriched research agenda. Specifically, the paper analyses the similarities and(More)
Wheat plants were grown in field experiments with five levels of zinc (Zn) fertilizer applied to plots in 1983. The plots were continuously cropped with wheat to allow the build up ofGaeumannomyces graminis var.tritici (Ggt). For experiments 1 and 2, there were high levels of Ggt in the second and third years while for experiment 3 there were high levels of(More)