Ross Bencina

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In this article we present Tuio, a simple yet versatile protocol designed specifically to meet the requirements of table-top tangible user interfaces. Inspired by the idea of interconnecting various existing table interfaces such as the reacTable* [1], being developed in Barcelona and the tDesk [2] from Bielefeld, this protocol defines common properties of(More)
This article provides an introductory overview to first-time users of the reacTIVision framework -- an open-source cross-platform computer-vision framework primarily designed for the construction of table-based tangible user interfaces. The central component of the framework is a standalone application for fast and robust tracking of fiducial markers in a(More)
This paper describes reacTIVision: a camera based two dimensional fiducial (marker) tracking system developed for the reacTable*, a table based tangible musical instrument. Key features of reacTIVision include: (1) the ability to track a large number of fiducials with faster than real-time performance and (2) fiducial size may be varied depending on the(More)
This paper describes a new open-source cross-platform 'C' library for audio input and output. It is designed to simplify the porting of audio applications between various platforms, and also to simplify the development of audio programs in general by hiding the complexities of device interfacing. The API was worked out through community discussions on the(More)
This article describes a flexible architecture for Real-Time Granular Synthesis that accommodates a number of Granular Synthesis variants including Tapped Delay Line, Stored Sample and Synthetic Grain Granular Synthesis in both Pitch Synchronous and Asynchronous forms. Three efficient algorithms for generating grain envelopes are reviewed and two methods(More)