Ross Beauchamp

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The information available on the biological activity of hydrogen sulfide has been examined for present status of critical results pertaining to the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide. This review of the literature is intended as an evaluative report rather than an annotated bibliography of all the source material examined on hydrogen sulfide. The information was(More)
A detailed literature review of human and animal toxicity studies of acrolein is presented, and information gaps identified that call for further investigation. Specific recommendations are suggested for additional short-/long-term studies, including chemical disposition and cytogenetic investigations. Two bibliographies are provided indicating the scope of(More)
This literature review encompassing information available through 1980 and limited coverage in 1981, emphasizes results useful in assessing the potential toxic effects of nitrobenzene to man. Nitrobenzene exposure in man or experimental animals is most often associated with methemoglobinemia. Histopathologic changes also are observed in the(More)
Occupational exposure to inorganic acid mists containing sulfuric acid has been associated with increased laryngeal cancer. The primary objective of this review was to compile the literature regarding chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity of inorganic acid mists in laboratory animals. Several chronic toxicity studies had exposures of 1 year or longer.(More)
in fish is marvellously circumscribed by an impressive group of knowledgeable observers including H. J. A. Dartnall, W. R. A. Muntz, J. A. C. Nicol, S. S. Easter, J. N. Lythgoe, D. D. Beatty, N. A. Locket, M. Anctil and H. J. Wagner. The average length of a chapter in the book is about 13 pages and most authors have managed in that space to provide a(More)
Glutaraldehyde, a low molecular weight aldehyde, has been investigated for toxicity in humans and animals. Examination of this dialdehyde was indicated from previous studies with other aldehydes in which carcinogenicity of formaldehyde and toxicity of acetaldehyde and malonaldehyde have been disclosed. Information gaps concerning the actions of(More)