Ross B. Corotis

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In this paper the individual and combined effects of random boundary and geometric imperfections on the limit loads of isotropic, thin-walled, cylindrical shells under axial compression are presented. Second moment characteristics of these imperfections are estimated by data of available measurements of imperfections, a simulation procedure based on the(More)
The inherent uncertainties in geometry, material properties, etc. of engineering structures can be represented by stochastic models, where the parameters are described by probabilistic laws. Results from any analysis based on stochastic models inherit probabilistic information as well, which can be used e.g. for reliability analysis. Particularly in linear(More)
Over recent years it has become clear that engineering of the built environment is more than designing structures and infrastructure that satisfy codified values of resistances and loads. The creation of sustainable communities that enhance current and future standards of living is an outcome of tradeoff analyses that reflect economic, scientific and social(More)
It is the role of the professional risk engineer to help guide society in its investment to mitigate against the consequences of earthquakes and other hazards. Too often these trade-off decisions are made without a full quantification of the multiple sources of the risks involved. Risk assessment should take into account the manner in which the risk might(More)
A stochastic nonparametric framework to estimate structural reliability under hurricane wind hazard is proposed. Scenarios of maximum sustained wind speeds are simulated using nonparametric density estimators based on the historical wind speed data. Nonparametric methods are data driven and need no prior assumption as to the form of the underlying(More)
The work presented here addresses the evaluation of the stochastic response of nonlinear FE-systems with a relatively large number of degrees of freedom (DOF’s) under random excitation. In order to perform a realistic analysis for such systems, FE-models with nonlinearities are generally considered. Most of the available analytical and numerical methods to(More)
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