Rosmary Stegmann

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[1-(13)C]-labelled phenanthrene was incubated in a closed bioreactor to study the flux and biotransformation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) in contaminated soils on a bulk and molecular level. The degradation of extractable phenanthrene was observed by GC-MS measurements and the mineralisation was monitored by (13)CO(2) production. The(More)
We applied neutron scattering in conjunction with deuterium (D-) labeling in order to obtain information about the domain structure of GroEL and GroES isolated and in the complex. Each subunit of the heptameric GroES consists of two domains, a core domain (Met1 to Lys15 and Lys34 to Ala97) and an intervening loop region (Glu16 to Ala33). Neutron scattering(More)
Experiments were carried out to evaluate the impact of the addition of ripe compost on the degradation of two 14C-labeled hydrocarbon model compounds (anthracene and hexadecane) in soil. The addition of mature compost (20 % dry wt./dry wt.) stimulated significantly the disappearance of the extractable fraction of both compounds. With compost, 23 % of the(More)
of our ideas concerning the generation of personalized recommendations within a configurator system are discussed (Section 3). Section 3.1 describes our configurator system architecture under the aspect of recommendation generation. Section 3.2 outlines recommendation granularities and the functioning of the filtering component. In Section 3.3, we describe(More)
Using electronic media for customer interaction enables enterprises to better serve all customers by costefficiently offering personalized services to them. In this paper, we address the area of providing help to customers for selecting or designing individualized products (mass customization) by using personalization technologies. The paper provides an(More)
User information is needed by adaptive systems in order to tailor information and product offers to the needs and preferences of individual users. Personalized Recommender Systems are adaptive systems that automatically generate recommendations on the basis of individual user profiles. Most existing Recommender Systems, however, are based on rather simple(More)
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