Rosmadi Abdullah

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Protein sequence alignment is basic operation mostly used in protein sequence analysis. The most optimal algorithm used in sequence alignment is based on the dynamic programming method. Smith-Waterman algorithm is the most commonly used dynamic programming based sequence alignment algorithm. However the algorithm uses quadratic time and space. Heuristic(More)
This paper presents the combination of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing to solve multiple sequence alignment (MSA) assignment. Genetic algorithm will try to find a new region of feasible solution while simulated annealing will act as an aligning improver. There are several aspects that must be taken into consideration such as the representation,(More)
Recently, we have proposed ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm together with traveling salesman problem (TSP) approach to cluster proteins in protein interaction network (PIN). Our proposal described the general adaptation of ACO to perform the clustering tasks, including the optimal path finding in PIN. In this paper, we focus precisely on the process(More)
Collaborative editing is a subset of groupware system. Groupware or computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) application is "a computer-based system that supports groups of people engaged in a common task (or goal) and that provide an interface to a shared environment". This research area is also known as collaborative computing. Collaborative environment(More)
Data Mining is used to extract the hidden information from large amount databases. Parallel/distributed computing is used which achieves scalability and improves the performance of compute intensive algorithms. A parallel version of ITL-Mine algorithm is proposed and implemented on distributed memory (shared nothing) architecture. The parallel ITL-Mine(More)
With emphasis on a cleaner environment and efficient operation, vehicles today rely more and more heavily on electrical power generation for success. The objective of this project is to propose drive range improvement for electric vehicle using solar energy. First, power consumption modeling based on Proton Savvy using torque analysis to achieve 45mph(More)
This paper proposes an active front-end solution to balance the dc-link capacitor voltage of the five-level diodeclamped inverter. Capacitor voltage balancing is performed by a three-level boost converter connected to the two inner capacitors of a five-level diode-clamped inverter and additional balancing circuits at the other two outer capacitors. The(More)
Embedded systems are becoming an essential part of engineering design process for efficient analysis and effective operation. From data analysis to hardware work, everywhere embedded products are the main interest because of its reliability and time bound perfection. This reliability led the researchers to design application in power system monitoring; a(More)
This paper relates to the field of microprocessor testing. A microprocessor can take as input, a very large number of data patterns, and for each input data pattern, a corresponding expected output data pattern must be produced. To test a microprocessor, the device is placed on a tester, which feeds input data patterns, and collects output data patterns,(More)
Being a Java developer the decision of starting to use an integrated development environment (IDE) instead of a set of discrete programming tools, is to be taken sooner or later. This paper identifies the favorite features to opt for, in selecting a suitable IDE, what should be used and by whom with plethora of such IDEs. Though IDEs are meant to facilitate(More)