Roslyn A. Kemp

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BACKGROUND Delusions are assumed to reflect disordered reasoning. but with little empirical support. We attempted to study this in 16 relatively intelligent deluded patients and 16 normal volunteers. METHOD Standard tests were used which required subjects to choose between logically fallacious and valid responses, both of which were plausible. The tests(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether compliance therapy, a cognitive-behavioural intervention, could improve compliance with treatment and hence social adjustment in acutely psychotic inpatients, and if so, whether the effect persisted six months later. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial of compliance therapy and non-specific counselling, each comprising 4-6(More)
BACKGROUND A randomised controlled trial was conducted in an acute treatment setting to examine the effectiveness of compliance therapy, a brief pragmatic intervention targeting treatment adherence in psychotic disorders, based on motivational interviewing and recent cognitive approaches to psychosis. METHOD Seventy-four patients with psychotic disorders(More)
An important subdivision of effector T cells can be made based on patterns of cytokine production and functional programs. Type 1 T cells produce IFN-gamma and protect against viral pathogens, whereas type 2 cells produce cytokines such as IL-4 and IL-5 and protect against large extracellular parasites. Both CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells can be polarized into(More)
  • R Kemp, A David
  • The British journal of psychiatry : the journal…
  • 1996
BACKGROUND A possible neuropsychological basis for poor insight in psychosis has been proposed. Consistent supporting evidence for this is lacking. METHOD Seventy-four consecutive acutely psychotic in-patients who were recruited for a randomised controlled trial of compliance therapy were given a battery of neuropsychological tests, along with a(More)
BACKGROUND Research on the subject of insight has been hampered by difficulties in definition and reliable measurement. METHODS We compared several rating scales to measure insight on a group of 33 psychotic patients as well as assessing patients' psychopathology, clinical characteristics and cognitive functioning. RESULTS Most currently used scales(More)
We investigated whether secretion of multiple cytokines by CD8+ T cells is associated with improved protection against tumor challenge. We show that antitumor immunity induced by immunization with dendritic cells and a MHC class I-binding tumor peptide are dependent on secretion of IFN-gamma but not IL-4 or IL-5 by host cells. To further address the role of(More)
Two phase I vaccine trials were conducted to test the immunogenicity and safety of a vaccine containing three recombinant malaria antigens from the asexual stage of Plasmodium falciparum. The three antigens are a fragment of MSP1 (190LCS.T3); MSP2 and a portion of RESA and were formulated in Montanide ISA720 adjuvant. These trials investigated the dose(More)
We show in this paper that the survival of antigen-loaded dendritic cells in vivo may be used as a sensitive readout of CTL activity. We have previously shown that dendritic cells labeled with the fluorescent dye CFSE and injected sub-cutaneously into mice migrate spontaneously to the draining lymph node where they persist for several days. In the presence(More)
Seppic MONTANIDE ISA 720 is a metabolizable oil adjuvant that has given good results in animals with recombinant malarial antigens. Twelve human volunteers were given increasing intramuscular doses of MONTANIDE ISA 720, ranging from 0.6 to 1.8 ml. The adjuvant was well tolerated with only minor local effects, including tenderness, local swelling and(More)