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The influence of online anime towards children
Online anime has been a major influence towards the growth of children in Malaysia. Therefore this study investigates the online anime that influence children in their everyday lives. The study alsoExpand
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Awareness of folklore in multimedia: spoken discourse among learners
This study focuses on the spoken discourse among primary school learners. The objectives of the study were to identify and discuss the multimedia components of the program used in order to giveExpand
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Learning via Television Cartoon
Cartoons have been a favorite among children, teenagers and adults. Cartoons began with paper drawing and have evolved to the highest technology of dissemination in the form of movies; apart fromExpand
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Understanding the Choices of Terms of Address: A Sociolinguistic Study of Malay Cultural Practices
This paper investigates the choices of second person terms of address in the Malay culture. It examines the different patterns of address terms used in a range of communicative situations byExpand
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Percampuran kod sebagai strategi penyampaian mesej dalam wacana iklan berbahasa Sepanyol
Abstract This paper examines the phenomenon of mixed code in the header or slogan in contemporary commercial advertising printed in Spanish-language publication in summer 2014. The study included 50Expand
Penggunaan perkataan semua tujuan dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Perancis: satu perbandingan
Kajian ini bertujuan untuk membandingkan strategi penggunaan perkataan untuk semua tujuan yang digunakan oleh pelajar Melayu yang mengambil mata pelajaran Bahasa Perancis sebagai bahasa asing danExpand
Wacana cerita rakyat Melayu dalam kalangan pelajar Korea
Abstract This study focused on students' perceptions on Malay folklore. The objective of the study is to identify and discuss the students' perceptions on Malay folklore. The sample consisted of 20Expand
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