Rositsa Georgieva

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Balkan Endemic Nephropathy (BEN) is a kidney disease that progresses slowly. Only a few studies have investigated renal clinical markers in offspring of BEN families before the onset of the disease. This project aimed to determine whether kidney function and structure are altered in BEN offspring compared with non-BEN offspring. The study population(More)
Some drawbacks of the phosphate modifier such as reagent blank contribution and background absorption in electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric determination of cadmium and lead are substantially alleviated by application of small amounts of phosphate, approximately 0.2 mumol (25 mug of NH(4)H(2)PO(4) or (NH(4))(2)HPO(4)), on the integrated platform(More)
Morphological development and differentiation of the pig's jejunum during ontogenesis were studied. It was found that villi intestinalis are formed on about the 40th day of embryogenesis. The differentiation of absorptive epithelium, goblet cells and argentaffine cells as well as the formation of the Lieberkühn's crypts, and muscularis mucosae, occur by the(More)
The up-to-date methodology development for analysis of microelements permits the determination of many of them in small nail samples. The nails of the feet are chosen as biological bioptic material offering some advantages: stability in preserving; higher levels of most toxic elements (in comparison with the levels in serum, blood and urine); a lower rate(More)
The immunoregulatory properties of pig fetal placenta extracts (PE) from 1 st, 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy and five fractions (F1 to F5), isolated on Sephadex G-200 and additionally characterized by fast performance liquid chromatography, FPLC (Superose 12 HR) were studied in order to clarify the local immune regulation in diffuse epitheliochorial(More)
The arsenic exposure in the main departments and occupational groups of the copper smelter in Pirdop has been estimated in the present study. The contents of arsenic is measured in the air and in biological samples--urine and nails. At most of the workplaces the time-weighted average (TWA) concentrations do not exceed the threshold limit value (0.05 mg/m3).(More)
Surfactant therapy leads to significant clinical improvement in infants at risk for, or having, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). The development of exogenous surfactant (ES) as a therapy for neonatal respiratory disorders was a significant advance in neonatal intensive care that has led to a decrease in neonatal mortality. Two broad categories of(More)
In cases of occupational exposure to chromium, very often in the organism enters increased quantitatively or six-valent form of metal, possessing high toxicity, cancerogenic and allergenic effect. Concentrations of the element in urine (CrY), erythrocytes (CrE) and nails (CrH) are chosen as suitable tests for evaluation of the exposure. The studies are(More)
The implantation in pig is superficial and non-invasive, involving phases of apposition, adhesion and attachment of conceptuses to endometrial surface epithelium. The role of integrins and ECM proteins is suggested. In the study, the expression of beta5beta1 integrin and FN on conceptus trophectoderm and endometrium during implantation and early pregnancy(More)