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Repurposing metformin: an old drug with new tricks in its binding pockets
The present review provides a thorough and detailed account of the current understanding of the molecular pharmacology and signalling mechanisms underlying biguanide–protein interactions and focuses on the key role of the microbiota in regulating age-associated morbidities and a potential role for metformin to modulate its function.
Anthranilate Fluorescence Marks a Calcium-Propagated Necrotic Wave That Promotes Organismal Death in C. elegans
Death of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans involves a conserved necrotic cell death cascade which generates endogenous blue anthranilate fluorescence, allowing death to be visualized.
The Role of the Microbiome in Drug Response.
The current evidence that supports a role for the microbiota as a contributor to both the therapeutic benefits and side effects of drugs, with a particular focus on those used to treat mental disorders, type 2 diabetes, and cancer is outlined.
Mechanical properties measured by atomic force microscopy define health biomarkers in ageing C. elegans
The data support the view that prolonged lifespan does not always coincide with extended healthspan and AFM provides a highly sensitive technique to measure organismal biomechanical fitness and delivers an approach to screen for health- improving conditions, an essential step towards healthy ageing.