Rosiley Berton Pacheco

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In the surgical management of skull base lesions and vascular diseases such as giant aneurysms, involvement of the internal carotid artery may require the resection or the occlusion of the vessel. The anastomosis of the external carotid artery and the middle cerebral artery with venous graft may be indicated to re-establish the blood flow. To determine the(More)
Two populations of Astyanax altiparanae (Garutti & Britski, 2000) of the Água dos Patos stream/SP and lake Igapó/PR were analyzed. All individuals showed 2n = 50, however, different karyotypic formulae were observed. The population of the Água dos Patos stream showed 8m +24sm+6st+12a (NF=88) and the population of lake Igapó, 8m+28sm+4st+10a (NF=90).(More)
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