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Problem statement: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET), a type of network with special characteristics, needs a special mechanism to bear with its ad hoc behavior. Approach: The important issue in MANET is routing protocol. Routing protocol is a standard used to determine the route path taken during the transmission of data. Results: In this study we focused on(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are generating a lot of interests due to 3G and 4G activities. The dynamic nature of these networks demands new set of network routing strategy protocols to be implemented in order to provide efficient end-to-end communication. Due to the diverse applications that use MANETs, such as battlefield, emergency services, and(More)
Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a group of wireless nodes that are distributed without relying on any standing network infrastructure. MANET routing protocols were designed to accommodate the properties of a self-organized environment without protection against any inside or outside network attacks. In this paper, we propose a Local Intrusion Detection(More)
Networks are being used in various areas and the demand of users nowadays has motivated the emergence of the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET). MANET is a dynamic network without fixed infrastructure due to their wireless nature and can be deployed as multi-hop packet networks. It is a wireless network and has dynamic topology due to its node mobility. There(More)
The Internet is migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. To determine the features for research test bed product selection, we compare the up-to-date information of IPv4 and IPv6. Currently IPv6 network penetration is still low but it is expected to grow, while IPv4 address pool is projected by Regional Internet Registry to be exhausted by the end of 2011. The reason(More)
Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives within education that educators set for students. The cognitive domain within this taxonomy is designed to verify a student's cognitive level during a written examination. Educators may sometimes face the challenge in analysing whether their examination questions comply within the requirements of(More)
In the recent years, the Ad-Hoc networks have been the focus of many researches especially in the routing protocols which include Proactive and Reactive routing. The strategy of forwarding the data packets from the source to the destination is the ultimate goal of routing protocols. Hence, the difference between these protocols is based on searching,(More)
This paper presents the use of heuristics gained from the syntactic and semantic knowledge for the creation of database design in terms of the Entity-Relationship(ER) model through natural language processing. The application of both syntactic and semantic heuristics is used as the strategy to obtain the relevant ER elements such as entities, attributes and(More)
MANET is a collection of mobile, decentralized, and self organized nodes. Securing MANET is a problem which adds more challenges on the research. This is because MANET properties make it harder to be secured than the other types of static networks. This paper objective is to summarize different types of attacks over MANET, and concerns with studying sleep(More)