Rosie Mangan

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This work presents the design of a mechanical vasoconstriction mechanism with application for cerebral autoregulation. The relationship between the applied voltage of a DC motor and the tension within a pressurized vessel wall was utilized for constricting an arteriole segment within an intracranial vascular model. Using current proportional to the string(More)
Effective biological control of a weed cannot be achieved unless agents can inflict sufficient damage for the plant’s growth and reproduction to be significantly depressed. The leaf-mining fly Hydrellia lagarosiphon is being considered for release in Ireland and New Zealand as a biocontrol agent for the invasive African macrophyte Lagarosiphon major.(More)
There are many examples of cryptic species that have been identified through DNA-barcoding or other genetic techniques. There are, however, very few confirmations of cryptic species being reproductively isolated. This study presents one of the few cases of cryptic species that has been confirmed to be reproductively isolated and therefore true species(More)
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