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Evolutionary origins of highly eusocial organization involving morphological castes have been very rare, yet these origins have often led to enormous diversification and ecological success. This suggests that once an apparently severe selective barrier to highly eusocial behaviour is overcome, major new adaptive landscapes open up. One would therefore(More)
There has been considerable debate surrounding the evolution of eusociality, which has recently increased in vigor with regard to what actually constitutes eusociality. Surprisingly, there has been little discussion on terminologies for describing social systems that are more-or-less egalitarian, yet such societies form an obvious contrast to eusociality,(More)
BACKGROUND Suboptimal thyroid hormone therapy including under-replacement and over-replacement is common amongst patients with hypothyroidism. This is a significant health concern as affected patients are at risk of adverse cardiovascular or metabolic consequences. Despite a growing body of evidence on the effects of various factors on thyroid hormone(More)
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