Rosie Claire Hewitt Dawkins

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Cholinergic efferent fibers modify hair cell responses to mechanical stimulation. It is hypothesized that calcium entering the hair cell through a nicotinic receptor activates a small-conductance (SK), calcium-activated potassium channel to hyperpolarize the hair cell. The calcium signal may be amplified by calcium-induced calcium release from the synaptic(More)
One feature of neuronal discharge proposed to play a role in coding temporal information is the relative refractory period that follows each action potential. In neurons innervating hair cells, there is an extended refractory period that can last </=100 ms. We have taken a pharmacological approach to examine the extended refractory period in the Xenopus(More)
Once considered an affliction of people in high-income countries, diabetes mellitus is increasingly seen as a global epidemic. However, for many countries very little is known about the prevalence of diabetes and its complications. This study aims to estimate the prevalence of diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy, in adults in Timor-Leste. From March 2013 to(More)
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