Rosie Chang-Hui Chen

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Restorative procedures commonly replace lost tooth structure, but redistribution of functional stresses after treatment is not fully understood. Many restorative methods are dictated by the integrity of the remaining tooth structure, because sparse tooth structure can lead to fracture. It is essential to prevent fractures by having a clear concept of the(More)
Stresses induced by the influence of variations in the dimensions of three different parameters of MOD cavity preparations were studied using the finite element technique. The parameters studied were the depth, isthmus width, and the thickness of the remaining interaxial dentin. A total of eight different cavity designs, divided into three groups, were(More)
Articles you may be interested in Recording-media-related morphology and magnetic properties of crystalline CoPt3 and CoPt3-Au core-shell nanoparticles synthesized via reverse microemulsion Publisher's Note: " Simple models for dynamic hysteresis loop calculations of magnetic single-domain nanoparticles: Application to magnetic hyperthermia optimization "(More)
We have analyzed Chandra archival observations of the Antennae galaxies to study the distribution and physical properties of its hot interstellar gas. Eleven distinct diffuse X-ray emission regions are selected according to their underlying interstellar structures and star formation activity. The X-ray spectra of these regions are used to determine their(More)
NGC5471B has been suggested to contain a hypernova remnant because of its extraordinarily bright X-ray emission. To assess its true nature, we have obtained high-resolution images in continuum bands and nebular lines with the Hubble Space Telescope, and high-dispersion long-slit spectra with the Kitt Peak National Observatory 4-m echelle spectrograph. The(More)