Roshni Malani

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Research has shown that educational technology can broaden and enhance the use of active learning in large classrooms. An educational technology platform often relies on students to bring laptops or specialized wireless devices like clickers to interact through the system. Mobile phones are an attractive alternative, as most students already possess them,(More)
Classroom note taking tends to be a private activity, hiding a wealth of knowledge in both content and method. With the advent of the web, whose technology and culture seemingly invites everyone to share everything, we are prompted to ask how making note taking a public activity -- noteblogging -- might advance learning. What does a blog about a computer(More)
Peer review is widely recognized for advancing student learning, in particular for developing reflective processes like critical thinking. The classroom is ripe for peer review because the subject matter is fresh and in-depth interactivity is possible. Yet the limited time available in class conflicts with peer review's deliberative nature. We hypothesize(More)
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