Roshdy A. AbdelRassoul

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The radio spectrum is the most source that needs to be utilized using cognitive radio (CR) system Detecting primary users (PU) over the spectrum is one of the problems that face cognitive radio system. To overcome this problem, we use sensing techniques like energy detection, matched filter detection and Cyclostationary feature detection. This paper focuses(More)
In recent years, a radical increase of photovoltaic (PV) power generators installation took place because of increased efficiency of solar cells, as well as the growth of manufacturing technology of solar panels. This paper shows the operation and modeling of photovoltaic systems, particularly designing PID controller to control the system. Parameters of(More)
Passive elements such as tunable capacitors are highly needed in wireless communication applications such as Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) and switchable or tunable filters. In this paper, the design and modeling of a triangular shaped RF-MEMS switched air-gap capacitor using imec's SiGe-MEMS technology is presented. Low actuation voltage (<; 3(More)
The seismological acquisition and processing at the Egyptian National Seismic Network (ENSN) is a fully automated network system dedicated to the digital acquisition and real-time processing of seismological data. Data are digitized at a sampling rate of 100 samples per second with a High Resolution Digitizer (HRD) or Trident Digitizer from NANOMETRICS. A(More)
Heat exchanger system is widely used in chemical process industries, including petroleum refining and petrochemical processing, especially in the hazard zones because its convert the fluid from high range of temperature and pressure from the storage tanks to the pipe lines. A heat exchanger consists of two main modules, the first module is mechanical(More)
This paper presents a DNA based classification technique. It exploits the properties of the DNA as a quaternary logic with the advantages of better storage, better accuracy, and shorter time compared to binary logic. Several examples are employed to demonstrate using the DNA as a new classification method for differentiation between closely related objects(More)
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