Roshani Shakya

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Some popular processed foods including French fries contain small amounts of toxic acrylamide. Efforts to lower the accumulation of this reactive compound by modifying the production process have a negative effect on sensory characteristics and are not broadly applicable. This study optimized a method developed more than a decade ago to lower the(More)
Simultaneous silencing of asparagine synthetase (Ast)-1 and -2 limits asparagine (ASN) formation and, consequently, reduces the acrylamide-forming potential of tubers. The phenotype of silenced lines appears normal in the greenhouse, but field-grown tubers are small and cracked. Assessing the effects of silencing StAst1 and StAst2 individually, we found(More)
The health-promoting property of diets rich in fruits and vegetables is based, in part, on the additive and synergistic effects of multiple antioxidants. In an attempt to further enhance food quality, we introduced into crops the capability to synthesize a yellow antioxidant, aureusidin, that is normally produced only by some ornamental plants. For this(More)
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