Roshanak Rafiee-Moghaddam

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Liquid-liquid iron(III) extraction was investigated using benzyl fatty hydroxamic acids (BFHAs) and methyl fatty hydroxamic acids (MFHAs) as chelating agents through the formation of iron(III) methyl fatty hydroxamate (Fe-MFHs) or iron(III) benzyl fatty hydroxamate (Fe-BFHs) in the organic phase. The results obtained under optimized conditions, showed that(More)
This review discusses the impact of green and environmentally safe chemistry on the field of nanotechnology-driven drug delivery in a new field termed "green nanomedicine". Studies have shown that among many examples of green nanotechnology-driven drug delivery systems, those receiving the greatest amount of attention include nanometal particles, polymers,(More)
Fatty hydroxamic acid derivatives were synthesized using Lipozyme TL IM catalyst at biphasic medium as the palm kernel oil was dissolved in hexane and hydroxylamine derivatives were dissolved in water: (1) N-methyl fatty hydroxamic acids (MFHAs); (2) N-isopropyl fatty hydroxamic acids (IPFHAs) and (3) N-benzyl fatty hydroxamic acids (BFHAs) were synthesized(More)
HOSSEIN JAHANGIRIAN, MD JELAS HARON, MOHD HALIM SHAH ISMAIL , ROSHANAK RAFIEE-MOGHADDAM, LEILI AFSAH-HEJRI d , YADOLLAH ABDOLLAHI , MAJID REZAYI , NAZANIN VAFAEI f Department of Chemical and environmental engineering, Faculty of engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia Chemistry Unit, Centre of Foundation Studies for(More)
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