Roshan Pais

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To determine the origin of peripheral blood mononulclear cells (PBMC) that activate regulatory T cells in anterior chamber-associated immune deviation (ACAID), fluorescein-labeled PBMC were intravenously injected into mice before the mice received an intracameral injection of antigen. Six-24 hr after intracameral injection, fluorescein-labeled PBMC(More)
The "immune privilege" that inhibits immune defense mechanisms that could lead to damage to sensitive ocular tissue is based on the expression of immunosuppressive factors on ocular tissue and in ocular fluids. In addition to this environmental protection, the injection of antigen into the anterior chamber or infection in the anterior chamber induces a(More)
Anterior Chamber-Associated Immune Deviation (ACAID) induced by an intracameral injection of antigen generates antigen-specific regulatory splenic T cells that suppress specifically cell-mediated immunity specific for the injected antigen. Circulating F4/80(+) cells recovered from mice receiving an intracameral injection of antigen are thought to be ocular(More)
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