Roshan Mathew Duraisamy

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Securing communication sessions between networked embedded systems is a major challenge that needs to be addressed as an increasing number of such systems become Internet-enabled. Securely and quickly establishing a session key between communicating nodes in a network requires authentication of node identities. In this paper, we propose a simple(More)
The secure establishment of cryptographic keys for symmetric encryption via key agreement protocols enables nodes in a network of embedded systems and remote agents to communicate securely in an insecure environment. In this paper, we propose a pure hardware implementation of a key agreement protocol, which uses the elliptic curve Diffie-Hellmann and(More)
The increase in the adoption of database systems by the Corporates in key data management technology for their day-today operations. So, decision-making becomes crucial for the security of data that is managed by these systems. The damage and misuse of data affects not only the single user or application, but it may have disastrous consequences for the(More)
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