Roshan Mariam Thomas

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BACKGROUND Increased medical service utilization in patients with panic disorder has been described in epidemiologic studies, although service use in primary care panic patients relative to other primary care patients is less well characterized. Inadequate recognition of panic has been shown in several primary care studies, although the nature of usual care(More)
This paper describes the development a series of peptidyl trifluoromethyl ketone inhibitors of human leukocyte elastase which are found to have excellent pharmacological profiles. Methods have been developed that allow for the synthesis of these inhibitors in stereochemically pure form. Two of these compounds, 1k and 1l, have high levels of oral(More)
Liver cell dysplasia is characterized by hepatocellular foci with nuclear atypia. It is often seen in cirrhosis and may be a precursor of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). To determine whether liver cell dysplasia is DNA aneuploid, 72 sections of 33 cirrhotic livers from the autopsy files of The Johns Hopkins Hospital were studied, and 14 foci of dysplasia(More)
Roshan Mariam Thomas Determinants of Prenatal Nutritional Status and Adverse Birth Outcomes in HIV-Infected, Pregnant Malawian Women ―(Under the direction of Dr. Linda Adair)‖ This research assessed nutritional status and diet of HIV-infected pregnant women who presented for care at public antenatal clinics in Lilongwe, Malawi, and related their nutritional(More)
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