Roshan M. Sagarkar

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Tobacco use among the adolescents in india is believed to be on an increase. Therefore, a systematic review was carried out to summarize these studies. Several electronic databases were searched, supplemented by screening reference lists, smoking-related websites, and contacting experts. Selection, extraction, and quality assessments were carried out by one(More)
Since from the introduction of cephalometric analysis in diagnosis and orthodontic treatment planninjg, it plays a major role .So many efforts have been made by various studies to standardize the values for different reces , to minimize the distortion and magnification , to create universally accepted analysis, even after this still so many limitations are(More)
INTRODUCTION Cephalometry has many limitations of which radiation exposure is most important. Hence, there is a need to resort to other safer methods which could give equal if not better results. AIM The purpose of this study was to compare and correlate the craniofacial measurements obtained from cephalometric radiographs and analogous measurements from(More)
Since so many decades, various treatment modalities have been presented for the treatment for the class II, div 1 malocclusions. In recent times, we have seen enormously increasing numbers of young adults who desire the shortest, cost effective and a non surgical correction of Class II malocclusions and they accept dental camouflage as a treatment option to(More)
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