Rosha Champion McCoy

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Bed sharing has been promoted as facilitating breastfeeding but also may increase risks for sudden, unexpected infant deaths. This prospective cohort study was performed to determine the prevalence of adult and infant bed sharing and its association with maternal and infant characteristics. Demographic data were collected from 10,355 infant-mother pairs at(More)
BACKGROUND When the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices added the sequential schedule to the poliovirus vaccine (PW) recommendations in 1997, primary care physicians expressed concern about its implementation. This study examines the practices and factors influencing the administration of sequential, oral, or inactivated PW schedules by family(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome has decreased in the United States as the percentage of infants sleeping prone has decreased, but persisting concerns about the safety of supine sleeping likely contribute to prone sleeping prevalence rates that remain higher than 10%. OBJECTIVE To document health outcomes in infants aged 1 to 6(More)
OBJECTIVE Prominent pediatric organizations agree that young physicians need to be trained for the role of patient advocate in the community. However, information on the community site administrators' perspective on such training is limited. Therefore, the objective of this study was to explore community site administrators' perceptions of the advantages(More)
The third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was utilized to assess serum rubella immunoglobulin G antibody titers in a representative sample of American children. Antibody titers were significantly lower in children with a history of seizures and in children treated for seizures compared to unaffected children, after adjustment for age,(More)
Pediatric residents on block community rotations completed journals and exit interviews regarding their perceptions of the rotation. Three common themes present in residents' responses were identified via qualitative analysis: enlightenment and attitude change, impact of direct participation, and rotation challenges. Advantages and disadvantages to block(More)
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