Rosh Ranasinghe

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Nearshore sandbars, ridges of sand fringing coasts in water depths less than 10 m, often show alongshore variability, known as rips and crescentic sandbars. Using a data set collected at the Gold Coast (Australia) we analyze the sequential development of alongshore variability in a double sandbar system using continuous wavelet and cross-wavelet transforms.(More)
Researchers have long recognized the importance of ecological differences at the species level in structuring natural communities yet until recently have often overlooked the influence of intraspecific trait variation, which can profoundly alter community dynamics [1]. Human extraction of living resources can reduce intraspecific trait variation by, for(More)
Tidal inlets are of great societal importance as they are often associated with ports and harbours, industry, tourism, recreation and prime waterfront real estate. Their behaviour is governed by the delicate balance of oceanic processes (tides, waves and mean sea level), and fluvial/estuarine processes (riverflow and heat fluxes), all of which can be(More)
This paper demonstrates the sensitivity of morphological process-based models to the chronology of input wave conditions. In this research the effect of an emerged offshore breakwater on the morphology of the beach is investigated. A 30 day long morphological simulation with real time history of the wave (brute force base case) is compared with 150(More)
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