Rosetta Meier

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The authors reviewed 164 cases of head and neck sarcoma from adult patients seen at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), between 1955 and 1988. The median follow-up was 70 months. Multivariate analysis demonstrated that tumor grade, size, and surgical margin status were the most important independent prognostic factors. Thirty-one percent (27(More)
OBJECTIVE Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most frequent inflammatory diseases, causing pain and disability in the affected joints. Early diagnosis is essential for the efficiency of symptom-targeting treatments, but its diagnosis requires careful clinical, serologic, and imaging examinations, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is both(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory diseases such as asthma may affect individuals' fitness for military service. In order to assess fitness for military service in subjects with asthma symptoms at conscription, objective and reliable tests are needed. OBJECTIVE To prospectively determine the diagnostic value of the mannitol and methacholine bronchial provocation test(More)
BACKGROUND There is a scarcity of reports comparing efficacy and tolerability of the multiple sclerosis (MS) disease-modifying therapies [DMTs; intramuscular interferon-β1a (IM IFNβ-1a), subcutaneous (SC) IFNβ-1a, SC IFNβ-1b, SC glatiramer acetate (GA)] in a real-world setting. METHODS This multicenter, non-interventional, retrospective cohort study(More)
BACKGROUND The role and benefit of adjuvant radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy is unclear. This role was evaluated in 58 patients who, after undergoing radical prostatectomy for prostate carcinoma, had local extension of disease beyond the prostate or positive surgical margins. Thirty-nine patients treated surgically alone were compared with 19(More)
Urothelial cancer of the bladder is a frequent disease, and urinary cytology often is used as a routine diagnostic tool. But this technique has an impaired sensitivity in low-grade tumours, and as a subjective method it is highly dependent on the experience of the cytologist. Here we present the technique of fluorescence cytology as an improvement of(More)
The Regio frontalis posterior of the motor cortex of adult rats was investigated by means of the fluorescence-PAS-reaction. Using various Schiff-type-reagents - substituted with acriflavine, rhodamine B, rhodamine 6G, safranine T - a fluorescent reaction product has been found in different amounts in the pyramidal neurons and in other cellular elements.(More)
Therapierefraktäre und schwere rezidivierende Schmerzen im Oberbauch stellen insbesondere beim nicht operablen Pankreaskarzinom, aber auch bei fortgeschrittenen entzündlichen Erkrankungen eine Herausforderung dar. Die CT-gesteuerte Neurolyse/Blockade des Plexus coeliacus schaltet durch eine gezielte Zerstörung der afferenten und efferenten Nervenfasern mit(More)
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