Roser Pleixats

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A novel type of chiral and stable palladium(0) complexes of polyunsaturated aza-macrocyclic ligands were prepared and fully characterized by means of NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Fifteenmembered alkene-alkyne type ligands as well as 20and 25-membered polyolefinic ligands showed a preference for tricoordination with the metal. The stereochemical(More)
The full catalytic process (precatalyst activation, propagating cycle and active-species interconversion) of the ring-closing enyne metathesis (RCEYM) reaction of 1-allyloxy-2-propyne with the Grubbs-Hoveyda complex as catalyst was studied by B3LYP density functional theory. Both the ene-then-yne and yne-then-ene pathways are considered and, for the(More)
The synthesis of novel ionic liquid crystals (ILCs) based on bis- and trisimidazolium salts (I-, BF4-, and [N(SO2CF3)2]-) bearing hydrophobic hexadecyl chains and a bridging mesitylene moiety is reported. The study of their mesomorphic properties is presented, including the characterization of the Smectic A phase by differential scanning calorimetry and(More)
The catalytic activity and catalyst recovery of two heterogenized ruthenium-based precatalysts (H and NO(2)(4)) in diene ring-closing metathesis have been studied by means of density functional calculations at the B3LYP level of theory. For comparison and rationalization of the key factors that lead to higher activities and higher catalyst recoveries, four(More)
Direct oxidative Kita-type coupling between naphthalene and substituted benzenes was found to proceed via four-component coupling, leading to a linear tetraarene with a binaphthalene core. The methodology was extendable to the coupling of unfunctionalized 1,1'-binaphthalene with mesitylene to give a linear hexaarene product in a remarkably chemoselective(More)
Stereospecific Synthesis of 3,3-Disubstituted Acrylonitriles by Heck Reaction Jud Masllorens,a Marcial Moreno-Mañas,b Anna Pla-Quintana,a Roser Pleixats,*b Anna Roglans*a a Department of Chemistry, Universitat de Girona, 17071-Girona, Spain Fax 34(972)418150; E-mail: b Department of Chemistry, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,(More)
The transformation by hydrolysis/condensation of four new mesityl-(bis or tris)imidazolium-based alkoxysilane precursors into their corresponding bridged silsesquioxanes has been investigated. These precursors feature urea groups and either short or long alkylene chains, which are known to favor self-assembly. The most regular nanostructures were obtained(More)
Water-soluble gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) stabilized by a nitrogen-rich poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-tagged substrate have been prepared by reduction of HAuCl4 with NaBH4 in water at room temperature. The morphology and size of the nanoparticles can be controlled by simply varying the gold/stabilizer ratio. The nanoparticles have been fully characterized by(More)