Rosendo Salazar

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We propose a variant of the simulated annealing method for optimization in the multivhriate analysis of differentiable functions. The method uses global actualizations via the hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm in their generalized version for the proposal of new configurations. We show how this choice can improve upon the performance of simulated annealing(More)
In this paper we explore the use of recursive cubic Hermite splines to mimic human movement in open world games. Human-like movement in an open world environment has many characteristics that are not optimal or directed towards clear, discrete goals. Using data collected from a simple MMORPG-like game, we use our spline representation to model human player(More)
We propose a variant of the Simulated Annealing method for optimization in the multivariate analysis of diierentiable functions. The method uses the Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm for the proposal of new conngurations. We show how this choice can improve the performance of simulated annealing methods by allowing much faster annealing schedules.
In this paper, we discuss approaches to dialogue in interactive video games and interactive narrative research. We propose that situating interactive dialogue in the simplified expectations of video games is a profitable way to investigate computational dialogue simulation. Taking cues from existing physical simulations such as combat, we propose a(More)
In this paper, we present adaptive quests, an extension to the dominant quest model that guides and motivates gameplay in MMORPG shared worlds. The standard model has proven effective, but is significantly incompatible with the desire for player driven change in the world. We present an incremental step to increasing player impact, discuss the problems it(More)
We discuss an alternative to the traditional gas-phase coupling approach in order to explain synchronized global oscillations in CO oxidation on Pt(110). We use a microscopic model which includes structural Pt surface reconstruction via front propagation, and large diffusion rates for CO. The synchronization mechanism is associated with the formation of a(More)