Rosemary Wenman

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BACKGROUND Therapists and nurses often use verbal instruction in the rehabilitation of mobility following stroke. This study aimed to determine whether performing a verbal cognitive task while walking adversely affected patients' balance and velocity. METHODS There were two counterbalanced conditions: walking only and walking and concurrent cognitive(More)
The neural correlates of identification and name retrieval have proved difficult to characterise because both occur highly automatically in normal language processing. Thus, although some evidence points to the left anterior temporal cortex (ATC) as a brain region underlying these functions, its relative role in semantic and lexical retrieval processes is(More)
Polypeptide aggregation into amyloid is linked with several debilitating human diseases. Despite the inherent risk of aggregation-induced cytotoxicity, bacteria control the export of amyloid-prone subunits and assemble adhesive amyloid fibres during biofilm formation. An Escherichia protein, CsgC potently inhibits amyloid formation of curli amyloid(More)
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