Rosemary Monahan

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Many systems are constructed without the use of modeling and visualization artifacts, due to constraints imposed by deadlines or a shortage of manpower. Nevertheless, such systems might profit from the visualization provided by diagrams to facilitate maintenance of the constructed system. In this paper, we present a tool, Reveal, to reverse engineer a class(More)
Perfect Developer is a software tool that supports the formal development of object-oriented programs by refinement, including formal verification of code. It is built around a single language that supports both specification and implementation. We critically examine how Perfect Developer supports programming by refinement, focusing on three refinement(More)
This paper reports on the experiences with the program verification competition held during the FoVeOOS conference in October 2011. There were 6 teams participating in this competition. We discuss the three different challenges that were posed and the solutions developed by the teams. We conclude with a discussion about the value of such competitions and(More)
In this paper, we discuss the challenges that have to be addressed when organising program verification competitions. Our focus is on competitions for verification systems where the participants both formalise an informally stated requirement and (typically) provide some guidance for the tool to show it. The paper draws its insights from our experiences(More)