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Dafny Meets the Verification Benchmarks Challenge
This paper presents solutions to these eight benchmarks using the language and verifier Dafny, a suite of verification benchmarks for software verification tools and techniques that provide an initial catalogue of benchmark challenges for the Verified Software Initiative. Expand
Metamodel Instance Generation: A systematic literature review
A systematic literature review of instance generation techniques for metamodels, i.e. the process of automatically generating models from a given meetamodel, identifies a knowledge gap and offers suggestions as to some potential directions for future research. Expand
The 1st Verified Software Competition: Experience Report
We, the organizers and participants, report our experiences from the 1st Verified Software Competition, held in August 2010 in Edinburgh at the VSTTE 2010 conference.
Software refinement with Perfect Developer
This work critically examines how Perfect Developer supports programming by refinement, focusing on three refinement techniques: algorithm refinement, data refinement and delta refinement, and examines the extent to which Perfect Developer provides formal verification for these techniques. Expand
Reveal: a tool to reverse engineer class diagrams
This paper presents a tool, Reveal, to reverse engineer a class diagram from the C + + source code representation of the software, and offers some extensions to the standard notation to include representations for namespaces, stand-alone functions and friend functions. Expand
Exploiting Attributed Type Graphs to Generate Metamodel Instances Using an SMT Solver
An approach to generating instances of metamodels using a Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver as a back-end engine and the results showing the feasibility of this approach are presented. Expand
A Sound Execution Semantics for ATL via Translation Validation - Research Paper
The VeriATL verification system is developed, which automatically encodes the execution semantics of each ATL specification as it appears in the ATL matched rules into the intermediate verification language and verifies that it soundly represents the runtime behaviour of its corresponding compiled implementation in terms of bytecode instructions for the ATL virtual machine. Expand
The Spec# Programming System
The clams are first subjected to a shearing action in the first unit which is a rotating perforated drum having inwardly extending spokes with a rotating rotor disposed within the drum and off-setExpand
Automatic verification of textbook programs that usecomprehensions
A technique for translating common comprehension expressions (sum, count, product, min, and max) into verification conditions that can be tackled by two first-order SMT solvers is presented. Expand
Automatic Verification of Textbook Programs That Use
This paper presents a technique for translating common comprehension expressions (sum , count , product , min , and max ) into verification conditions that can be tackled by two first-order SMTExpand