Rosemary McIntyre

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AIM To report on the views of children, parents and key stakeholders of a new bereavement support service for families where a parent is dying from cancer. STUDY DESIGN A qualitative pre- and post-intervention evaluation design was used. Case study methods allowed multiple perspectives to be accessed so broadening the scope of the evaluation. SAMPLE AND(More)
49 men and 37 women participated in a study of the relationships among assertiveness, aggressiveness, and verbal intentions. Findings suggest that as a person's social network extends out from family to others. Nonassertive and Aggressive persons are less likely to discuss a problem with service and their response. However, more assertive consumers are(More)
A study was conducted to examine the effects of a salesperson's weight and the interaction of weight with sex on a variety of positive personal characteristics which have been previously established. 243 purchasing agents provided data on 410 male and female salespeople who were then divided into two groups by weight. Analyses of variance were conducted(More)
The most fundamental aspect of commerce is interaction between buyers and sellers. Accordingly, the psychological study of selling techniques can be considered as old as trade. This study investigated two categories of selling techniques composed of 17 objection-addressing and 13 sale-dosing strategies. Reported are survey responses from 242 industrial(More)
AIM To present findings from a review of key literature and from a scoping of current provision of support for children facing the death of a parent. A summary of the findings from these is reported here. METHODS To set out the background and context to the evaluation of a new service aimed at supporting children and families facing the loss of a parent(More)
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