Rosemary Mander

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The accuracy of clinical diagnosis for pelvic inflammatory disease was determined in 95 women who presented with pelvic pain to primary care physicians and then were referred to gynecologists. Laparoscopy or laparotomy with endometrial biopsy and fimbrial minibiopsy revealed that prevalence of pelvic inflammatory was 46% (44/95) and positive and negative(More)
AIMS OF THE PAPER This paper aims to analyse critically a selective review of the literature on tiredness and fatigue in health and illness. This analysis is then applied to the experience of the new mother in the postnatal period. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE Although the twin concepts of tiredness and fatigue are well known in both sickness and health, our(More)
While undertaking a study of midwives' care of mothers relinquishing a baby for adoption, the search for permission for access provided valuable insights into the role and functioning of the 'gatekeepers', who included a range of nursing/midwifery personnel and others. The benefits and positive aspects of this process are discussed. The variability of the(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore midwives' perceptions of intrapartum uncertainty when caring for women in low risk labour. DESIGN a grounded theory approach was used to capture the experiences of midwives practising in Scotland. Data were generated through unstructured in-depth one-to-one interviews and focus groups. SETTING four Health Boards in Scotland. (More)
The concept of choice has featured prominently in both the recent United Kingdom (UK) health care reforms and in the debate relating to the care of childbearing women. An invitation to the USA facilitated contemplation of the health care system on which the recent UK reforms have been modelled. The impact of the health system on mother's choices was a(More)
While studying caesarean decision-making in China, the increasing popularity of 'zuoyuezi' emerged. This paper addresses this development, the reasons and implications. We tape-recorded semi-structured interviews in three industrial cities in China. The three groups of informants comprised women in the first-week after caesarean, women eight months after(More)
Personal accounts of nurses' and midwives' experiences of health problems feature not infrequently in the nursing press, with different points being made. The contribution of experience to learning is examined in relation to data collected during a study of midwives' care of relinquishing mothers. The extent to which there is a conflict between experiential(More)