Rosemary H Collier

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Air temperatures estimated by partial thin plate spline interpolation, or from the 'nearest station' (Voronoi polygon method), were used to model the phenology of three pests of horticultural crops throughout England and Wales. Temperatures for a particularly hot (1976) and a particularly cold (1986) year were interpolated to a grid resolution of 1 km.(More)
In the UK, the demand for organic vegetable and salad crops is increasing, mainly as a result of the requirements of the multiple retailers. However, approximately 85% of the organic fruit and vegetable produce sold in the UK is imported. A major constraint to growing field vegetable crops, and particularly organically-produced crops, is the reduction in(More)
The need to find non-organophosphorus insecticides to control the cabbage root fly has never been so urgent. Of the six non-OP insecticides tested, fipronil was the most effective but spinosad, diflubenzuron and cyromazine also showed considerable promise. As expected, the transplant drenches (34 mg active ingredient (a.i./plant) were more effective than(More)
Characteristic volatile chemicals are credited with the major role of guiding herbivorous insects to their host plants. Studies comparing how insects find host plants growing in backgrounds of clover and bare soil indicated that it is not chemical, but visual stimuli that govern where the insects land. A mechanism of hostplant finding is proposed in which(More)
In experiments in which spectrophotometric reflectance patterns of real leaves were mimicked with mixtures of artists' pigments, leaf color was shown to be a character used by cabbage root flies, before landing on leaves, to discriminate among the host plant cultivars radish, green cabbage, and red cabbage. It may be possible to take advantage of factors(More)
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