Rosemary Grady

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This study was performed to determine if two sex differences in gonadotropin responses to negative feedback, the acute postcastration rise and the effect of follicular fluid (FF) in the acute castrate, could be reversed by neonatal treatment with sex-opposite steroids. Female rats that received testosterone propionate (TP-females) and male rats that(More)
The subtle and delayed effects of two heavy metals, cadmium and mercury, on the pituitary-adrenal axis of mice were examined. Exeprimental animals were exposed to the toxins both in utero and neonatally via treated mothers' milk. Plasma levels of corticosterone, adrenal production of corticosterone in vitro, and the capacity of the liver to metabolize(More)
A major functional problem for the postpolio patient is the loss of ambulation ability. A retrospective study of lower extremity orthotic management for ambulation was made of 104 subjects with histories of paralytic poliomyelitis who received treatment and evaluation in a postpolio clinic. Thirty-six patients (35%) had a remote history of a surgical(More)
Prenatal exposure to pesticides of three different classes initiated persistent postnatal endocrine dysfunction. Adrenal function and hepatic metabolism of corticosterone were studied in adult hybrid mice exposed during development to either an organophosphate (Diazinon), a carbamate (Carbofuran), or an organochlorine (Chlordane). Animals were exposed to(More)
The authors discuss the case of a 7-year-old female who presented with exertional cyanosis and was found to have pulmonary arterial hypertension. Despite normal left-sided heart function, the patient developed pulmonary oedema in response to pulmonary vasodilator therapy, increasing suspicion for pathology in the pulmonary capillaries and veins. Lung biopsy(More)
To establish a sensitive and specific bioassay for the FSH-suppressing activity present in porcine follicular fluid (pFF), we examined the latency of pFF action when injected IV in the acutely ovariectomized (ovax) metestrous rat. By 2h post injection (5.5h after ovax), FSH was suppressed significantly in pFF vs. porcine serum-injected controls. LH was(More)
A patient with severe Parkinson's disease experienced a syncopal attack due to skeletal muscle myopotential inhibition of an implanted ventricular demand pacemaker. The problem was diagnosed with the aid of Holter monitoring, and was corrected by noninvasively programming the pacemaker to a lower sensitivity.
INTRODUCTION Long-term continence outcomes for patients with bladder exstrophy are lacking in the literature. The complete primary repair of exstrophy (CPRE) is a widely adopted approach that seeks to normalize anatomy at the initial repair, thereby allowing early bladder filling and cycling. Previous reports of continence following CPRE, however, are(More)
The differential role of porcine follicular fluid (pFF) in regulating follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) release in vivo in situations of different gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) backgrounds was studied. In experiment 1, 2-week ovariectomized rats injected intravenously with 4, 16 or 64 mg of protein from pFF, showed a(More)